Saturday, April 11, 2009

Obama's support of EMR could lower health benefit claims

President Barack Obama's decision to create an electronic medical record for the Department of Defense and VA is something that every health insurance professional should look at as a way to cut down on the costs of medical claims.

One of the benefits from electronic medical records is that it eliminates errors in medical treatment. For example, a pharmacist can verify a doctor's decision to renew a prescription without having to fax it or call the doctor's office.

However, in time, EMRs could also notify a person to take a medication or to call into their doctor for a routine checkup. By setting up a request on a person's cell phone, a doctor can remind someone to take their meds.

As someone who has worked in health benefits, I know the power of people following a prescribed course of medication for treatment of ailments. Studies have shown that people who follow the prescribed course of medication typically remain in good health than those who don't continue their medical treatment.

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