Friday, April 17, 2009

How Whataburger and other companies can offer entry level health benefits that work for most workers

A comment on Twitter from xkot noted: "Free uniforms and discounted food are listed as benefits on Whataburger's hiring poster. Missing: health insurance."

More and more, companies are not using health insurance as a recruiting enticement. Yet, with the right management processes, health insurance can serve as an effective recruiting tool as well as a retention tool.

I have been working with several companies to design what I call "Mini Meds" plans for them. These programs typically are lower in cost, and they don't provide the same level of benefits as a plan from Blue Cross or Aetna.

To me, an effective employee policy provides a basic Mini Med plan after 30 or 60 days of employment. However, for those that stay with the company for a year or more, their employer can offer a more extensive plan.

With other forms of health risk management such as an emphasis on healthy lifestyle choices, a company can lower their workers' exposure to sickness and illness. Add a good generic drug plan that encourages people to use their meds, and most companies can provide an entry level health benefit plans to their workers that will save money and keep their employees on the job.

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