Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mini Meds provide an excellent alternative to non-coverage for some companies

If recent reports by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation are any indication, one in five adults are working without health insurance coverage. According to the Associated Press story on the foundation report, the increase is significant because 10 years ago, only one in seven was without insurance coverage.

Lynn Blewett, director of the State Health Access Data Assistance Center at the University of Minnesota, which conducted the research , said he found it interesting that more and more new hires are working without health insurance coverage.

"In the last couple of years we've seen a deterioration of private health insurance," Blewett said.

Businesses in Texas can control the cost of health benefits by selecting two types of coverage for their workers. I have worked with several clients who offer a Mini-Med insurance plan for new workers. This works well for them because customers in the Mini-Med program are typically the type who leave their jobs within the first year. Once the workers have stayed with the company more than two years, they are then offered the better insurance coverage plan.

Mini Med coverages are a unique offering at my firm. And, they are not for every business. At Diversified Insurance Brokerage Service, we can advise a company the viability of a Mini Med as compared to a more traditional coverage.

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